Ode to Coffee

Oh, daybreak defender! Sunup saint! Breakfast-time battler!

Your aroma of goodness streams through the house like a melody flows from a sultry piano.

Warm, earthy, ROBUST, smooth.

Teasing me with your scent, first, and then your taste!

Like an all alluring love interest. Only, I know I can depend on you.

I can depend on you my daybreak defender! Sunup saint! Caffeinated Campaigner!

Pit of Discouragement

She drags herself into the bar; Tears and mascara slowly painting her face. Because she was a clown. No, a fool. A Goddamn fool.

With a slow sigh of remorse and exasperation, she plops down onto one of the barstools.

What can I get for you?” the slightly concerned bartender asks.

A Martini. Dirty,” the girl says. “And a steak knife.” Because she was a butcher. A butcher of romantic love.

Love in a Time of the Corona Vortex…

It’s interesting to think about why certain people stumble into our lives, and become a part of our story… 

         Call it fate, or a product of circumstance, but I believe that you can’t stop                    matching forces from colliding into each other at some point or another.

         ”Our souls already know each other, don’t they?” he whispered. “It’s our bodies that               are new.”

         But what exactly is the purpose of each kindred soul exchange? Is it to learn?            To grow? To continue to climb towards the everso distant idea of what is                      considered “enlightenment?” What causes these specific meetings of the                      soul?

         I think we continue to meet people who who have something to teach us. And             in turn, we have something to teach to them. And for us chronic offenders…               the class presents itself until the lesson is learned. 


The Speed of Art

You know what’s cool about having a good friend being a tour guide at the local art Museum? Free, insightful tours… My good friend, Benn, was kind enough to bring me to the Speed Art Museum in the wonderfully (If it’s not a word, it is now,) weird city of Louisville. They had a featured exhibit that day on “Women Artists.” The cool thing about Benn is – he is what what I would consider a “Male Feminist.” This is pretty cool, because it’s not very common. So, that day, he was kind enough to show me around the exhibit (Along with the rest of the museum.) It was fascinating.

One of the things that I had noticed was that women, when they paint themselves, tend to paint themselves in a more negative light than men tend to do. I guess you can blame this on gender roles in growing up. Women tend to be much harder on themselves when it comes to aesthetics more so than men do.

It was an eye opener.

Not the Mariana’s Trench of blog posts, but this was a pleasant experience.